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Idrees commented on E-Z Pass Parking

Hello Patrick, thanks for the submission! I think this idea does have potential, but you would need to complete a few of the areas in the submission form. Challenge contestants can win up to $100K to pilot their project at the conclusion of the challenge, so how you would pilot this in Pittsburgh, and how much you estimate the pilot would cost would need to be addressed!


Idrees commented on Blockchain-based Internet of Mobility Protocol

Hello Boyd, I am one of the facilitators for the Pittsburgh challenge, thank you for the submission!

Thanks for the response Edward! Sorry I wasn't very clear, but I actually was referring to how Soofa can help people get around. For example, do you know how many people searched for transit directions, a nearby bike share station, or walking directions? This isn't necessary, I'm only asking because that information might give some insights into how Soofa can be used to streamline the mobility experience in Pittsburgh. Also, regarding how you would pilot the idea, this section should be about how you would use the grant money to test the idea in Pittsburgh if you win the challenge!