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Alejandro commented on Last-Mile Shuttles via E-cycles

Petal’s primary use is cargo mobility. This is why cars are great, we use them to move ourselves, all of our stuff included. We use Promoly steel frames with integrated hardware.

Petal Transport makes tech-integrated cycles designed for cargo. We make e-cargo bikes with integrated tech for low emissions with cargo room and tracking services. We keep track of equipment activity & security with our app. Petal cycles are equipped with pedal-assist. Our equipment is electric, running on lithium ion batteries.

Our fleets are supported by remote, pop-up docking stations comprised of mobile pieces of equipment. These are designed to receive power from our primary power source to recharge the cargo equipment's' batteries at docking stations, for recharge times of less than 60 seconds for 40 miles of travel range. When operating within our station network, our equipment can go for 40 miles with 60-second stops and on again, in perpetuity.

Our QD-4 is a self-standing, cycle-hauling quad with a greater load threshold than the TR-1. Being both self-standing and stronger make the QD-4 adaptable for a variety of work utility applications.

How our fleets work: We install four pop-up, remote docking stations with a fleet of equipment and a cache of removable, rechargeable batteries. This four-station charging system is designed to sustain a continuous flow of quick power for swift equipment reboot and optimum fleet efficiency.

We train a team of Petal riders to perform tasks. We also render our equipment available for riders that are commuting short trips within the shuttle network, using equipment swiftly and returning it at a respective docking station when done. Additionally, Petal equipment is made available for rent at hourly or daily rates.

Snow is an important topic for Petal. While two-wheeled bikes are challenging if not prohibitive in the snow, Petal’s trikes and quads that use grip tires are stable & agile as foxes in snowy conditions. We find that people enjoy the weather, especially when the snow is falling.

At Petal we believe in a preparedness-first approach to riding through the elements, our equipment is our boldest statement toward elemental readiness. Additionally, we prescribe preparedness in our riders when they meet the elements, so that tasks are finished unencumbered while the operator is minimally affected by precipitation or extreme temperatures.