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Gary commented on Downtown and Cultural District Circulator/Connector

Thank you for the comment Robert. Perhaps you would be willing to join the team if the idea advances. We could use your perspective and ideas.


Gary commented on Downtown and Cultural District Circulator/Connector

Hi MaCie' and Jasmine;
The cost per vehicle per year is $75,000. The cost is reduced by the advertising wrappers on the vehicles. We would need to conduct a feasibility study to determine the route and the exposure to prove the model and gather data for the advertisers. We would need to find a grant for the net annual operating costs. Say $750,000 each year for a three year period with ten vehicles. I can imagine the route to include connecting downtown to the Cultural Districts and the neighborhoods covered by the Urban Times.

Thank you. I would like to submit an idea for a FREE downtown circulator in a private/public partnership with an organization that is already running in several cities in the US. The vehicles are six passengers in order to reduce the insurance cost (more passengers means the vehicle is considered a bus and costs skyrocket). Each driver would be a Indianapolis Ambassador and would act as a tour guide for the passengers. The cost per year to operate is $75,000 per vehicle and the cost is offset by advertising on the vehicles (so in most cases the cost per vehicle would be substantially less). The route would follow the Cultural Trail and connect the Cultural Districts. There would be circulator stops, but people could also flag the vehicles to pick them up. There would also be an app so that you can see each vehicle on the route, etc. I have the information and I am ready to submit the proposal. Thoughts?