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Mike commented on How About the Exurbs?

I have to agree with Sean...... Having lived here most of my life (with an 8 month stay in Chicago) the Port Authority’s vision is EXTREMELY limited. I have worked both in downtown PGH and in the suburbs (Cranberry & Robinson). The T should have been piped out to the North Hills (eventually hitting Wexford & Cranberry) along with the Airport (Also serving Robinson and communities on the other side of the tunnel) YEARS AGO. Instead they spent money to build a tunnel under the river to the North Side. Ok it gives more parking options for Downtown PGH, but that is not the center of PGH commerce anymore. I am not a huge fan of Downtown PGH being the center of public transportation and think the money to get the T over to the other side of the river could have been much better spent.

I would GLADLY take the T to work in Cranberry to save on gas and to save my nerves from the “left lane drivers” who either refuse to move or take sadistic joy in making ppl pass them on the right side of the road.

We have some of the higher public transit fares in the country coupled with the least amount of options/choices for public transit. PAT’s time at the helm of public transit in the PGH is long overdue for change in the guard to say the least.