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Gianmarco commented on Getting Around...

Wow! Thank you for getting back to me!

I love how some stations have the times live for the busses. That's great. One big problem is lack of shelter, or inadequate shelter. No one wants to wait under the blazing Texas sun, pouring rain, or freezing wind. I'd recommend shelters covered with green roofs (plants) esp. bee/insect friendly, and arbors of wisteria. Another idea would be to work with gas stations to have air-conditioned shelters using the store. It would be good business for the store, and a relief for riders.

Shelters could also have info about local points of interest/shops that are not immediately visible from the stop.

I'd recommend sheltered enclosed secure bike parking with attendants and security cameras near main stops. I'd also recommend encouraging laundromats with attendant-manned showers near stops like truck stops have so homeless people and sweaty cyclists could clean up. They would need to be kept clean and beautiful with attractive design. One thing that can be annoying is stinky homeless people on the bus. They should use the facilities for free while others would pay small fees like 50¢ and paid timer for showers.

Lastly, work with property owners to turn land next to shelters as rain runoff collectors for plants, small wetlands, and to help reduce flooding. Planting cypress trees would also help shade streets.

If I knew I could get around Austin more or less as easily as by car while avoiding traffic and getting a little exercise, I'd use it more.