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Hola Jose,

Yo vivi en Ciudad Mexico en los anos que se implemento el "no circula" y lejos de resolver un problema creo otro. Los recidentes de la ciudad ante la imposibilidad de usar sus vehiculos un dia a la semana empezaron a comprar carros viejos o motos para poder transportarse el dia que no podian usar su transporte. En mi opinion, me parece que es buena idea la intecion de sacar vehiculos de la calle pero limitar el uso de estos solo provoca el efecto contrario; mas aqui en USA que puedes comprar un "Transportation" por $200.


Jose commented on Urbanite, transportation made simple.

Hi Matteo,
This App was my final project when I was studying at Ironhack. I started my research by interviewing people at the Metrorail station and found that the App provided by the city of Miami Dade raised the following concerns:

1-I was told by many that the feeling of security when they use the public transport service was not enough, especially at night the stations is where they felt there was less presence of security personnel. It is for this reason that we include in the app the ability to have direct access to the authorities and police in case they feel threatened.

2- The difficulty of planning your trip was another reason why people did not use public transport. For example: If you wanted to know how to get from point A to point B, you had to do it using google maps or had to review the maps in the train that can be difficult to understand.

3- The way to track the arrival of buses or Metrorail was very complicated or confusing and also does not update in real time.

4- There was a few who understood that the EasyCard could be replenished or you had the option to buy online boarding passes. Most believed this could only be purchased at the station.

Based on that information is why I decided to redesign the app.

If we want Miami to be a city of the future we have to improve our transportation system. It is a fact that our city is not designed to walk, and there are many factors that make Miami a city made to have cars by necessity and not for pleasure. There has been an increase in population which has contributed to an increase in traffic and contributing to aggressive behaviors on the road. That is why motivating the use of public transportation has to be one of the priorities in our community. Unfortunately, we can not redesign the infrastructure in Miami but we can begin to take the first steps so that mobility, convenience, and safety begin to create the bases of change.