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Faruk commented on Wealthucate | Financial wellness

Thank you for the excellent questions, Boratha Tan . Please note my answers below and let me know any other questions/comments.
Q1: How the app works?
To start, Wealthucate asks five questions to understand someone’s profile, so that the algorithm can deliver the right advice based on important factors: income; age; caring for children; supporting loved ones; or paying for housing. Next, the algorithm will deliver high personalized tasks and help users to understand their financial health. Since we are customizing a solution for “low income” families in a certain area, we can also customize the priorities based on the most pressing needs of the community. In addition to advice, we want individuals to know how to take action and connect with valuable resources in the community.
Q2: Representative to monitor and give advice?
Currently, the app can be scaled and offered almost free because we are automated and data-driven. Funding will be helpful to create jobs in the local community with representatives to offer support.
Q3) Would it make more sense to not charge anything to people who are at certain low incomes?
Yes, I completely agree because it will prioritize engagement. This will help users educate themselves while taking action with trusted resources within the application.