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Elad commented on Colu. Make your journey count.

Thanks Yaniv Presler !! This is exactly what happened after we recently launched a campaign to boost local shopping in Jerusalem Boulevard - a main street in south Tel-Aviv - while the area is going through massive transportation upgrade and SMB’s are shutting down by the minute. We were able to generate a significant increase in local economic activity (over USD 250k) by encouraging residents to visit the area, despite the mobility challenge.
We believe that using the same means we can connect residents to healthy living opportunities here in Austin and nudge residents to get out of their front door, while strengthening the local economy.


Elad commented on UNCORKED! Corktown's Digital Ecosystem

Gary Spondike Hi Gary! I find this very interesting. Have you given thought to how you will encourage residents to make the intersection you talked about?
Also love to hear your thoughts of our initiative @Colu.

Make your journey count.

Mariela Alfonzo That's a really interesting initiative!