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Hi Jasmine, I share your mom's concerns. My daughter lives in California where the majority of the ride-share nightmare stories occurred. Yes these features can be added to any car as well as current Ride-sharing apps. My main concern is the safety and security of the passengers and drivers of the ride share industry. We need more training for drivers and passengers need to be aware of who their driver is so they don't get into a predator's vehicle. I want Ride-sharing 2.0 to be an example for how ride share companies should operate around the world. This challenge gives me the opportunity to show the Ride share industry how to operate effectively while putting the safety and security of our passengers and driver above our profits.


Elizabeth commented on Compact Air Pods

Robert I found a couple vehicles you may like to see if they fit your needs. First one is Enclosed Heated Mobility Scooter-E-Pod on sale for $3,500 and the Green Transporter Pod Electric Mobility Scooter for $5595.00 from Electric wheelchairs USA. I hope this information helps you!. .liz


Elizabeth commented on Ride-sharing 2.0 Elevating ride-sharing to the next level.

Thank you. I was reading all the horror stories that have occurred during ride sharing for passengers and drivers. Especially, after Samantha, the college student from North Carolina who was killed after she got into a vehicle she had mistaken for her Uber. She could've been my daughter. My heart bleeds for her family so I decided to create a more safe and secure Ride-sharing experience for both the passengers and the drivers.