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Yes, I was at a recent City Commission session where they acknowledged that in Michigan the only exception to police officers controlling traffic is explicitly for school crossing guards. The City Attorney is supposed to be checking for any opportunities that might be allowed outside of that. Large events do pay a fee for the service.


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KatieWalsh 100  I’m having a UI issue getting that info added...


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I would definitely love to see the YMCA veggie van (which offers food for purchase, including using Bridge cards) reach expanded - the hours are limited even if a new site can jump through all of the hoops needed to get a regular stop added. Feeding America West Michigan has a robust mobile food pantry operation ( with dozens of church and charity partners in and around Grand Rapids designed to serve 100+ families (agencies pay a handling fee, while food must be free to the ultimate recipient). (Full disclosure, I previously worked there for 7 years.) Figuring out how to effectively serve 50 or fewer families has been a hurdle that it seems there may have been some recent progress towards solving through tracking attendance and other metrics. Keep in mind food safety is an important consideration in this endeavor. I have also seen Fresh Moves (converted bus) in Chicago. Happy to chat more, this is an area I know quite a lot about.