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David commented on Mobility awareness

Hi Brian! TransitApp is a good app to start with. It covers the buses, streetcar, MoGo and scooters. If you're looking to learn more about mobility options check out my website I created it for this very reason. You'll still have to visit 5 websites, but you can start at one and get most of the info you desire: maps, fare rates, schedules & buying passes.



Hi Bruce, here is a link to the actual report which was published in 1917. It is a fascinating read.

Hi Kaity, later this summer SMART & DDOT are going to release a mobile app so you can buy their new DART passes & use them with your phone. DART passes are good on both systems and have the following rates: $2 (4 hrs) $0.50 reduced. $5 (24 hrs) $2 reduced. $22 (7 day) $10 reduced. $70 (31 day) $29 reduced. Reduced fares are for children 6-18, seniors and those with disabilities with proper ID. I believe that will help a lot. I think one of the biggest reasons people don't ride the bus is unfamiliarity with the system. Better promotion & education could help that. There are plenty of park and ride locations in the suburbs but as Harold says, they don't often run late or frequent enough.