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Craig commented on petal bike registration

Basically everywhere that's tried this has found it has no benefit and is generally more trouble/money than it's worth.

Plus I would prefer that we concentrate business development in the small towns that have been disinvested (and the ability to get there ways other than by car), rather than inducing more development of forest and farmland by building a new highway. We should not be subsidizing more new suburban sprawl which will only make traffic worse no matter how many highways we build (and will be bad for people who walk, bike, or take transit).

You're traveling during rush hour on a Friday, of course there will be traffic. There will still be traffic if we build another highway. City after city has seen that when you build new highways, they fill up soon enough too (c.f. induced demand). And the beltway wouldn't help you much getting to Monroeville anyhow.