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Robert P commented on Serious Cyclists

For serious cycling for those that need it but struggles to move right. Neither a bike or tricycle will do. We need a new option like a HRC. A clean designed, 4 wheeled cycle that could have the style of a GT40. But run on two electric motors or by the cyclist physical activity. That is my experience having Cerebral Attaxia, and having very poor balance in somethings but from a seated position pedaling can be a breeze if you incorporate 12 gears like my HRC. Wouldn't you agree using a 12 speed bike vs a normal single gear is far easier?


Robert P commented on Critical consideration.

As i was rethink possibility of designs, I thought what if ford was to let me use/team with me with the Ford GT40 design. And scale it down and use features in it so not only did it have a amazing look. And ontop of that could fully be used, and enjoying. I know is their was a fully functional transportation, that was that design with some adjustments. I would definitely be buying it. Isn't the purpose of a car to make use feel invigorated when heading somewhere? If i get a ticket for doing so how was that truly thought through. I'm sure you've watched 100's of car advertising in life. What if FORD and the partners truly made you have that feeling? Then i would drive again!


Robert P commented on Critical consideration.

Can you expand on how that helps the train design. As my proposal was more the train design and platforms themselves. Will your moving sidewalk be like a horizontal escalator. And if so how would you invision it being powered. I could see it being solar/self propelled by a rotating geared system.