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Robert P commented on Smart City Technology for Individuals with Disabilities

Mr. Petrous, is there any properly designed vehicle or machine other than what i am suggesting in my contrabutions. Or just the standard taxi/uber that for someone like myself. Does nothing to actively encourage exercise. My design that i want to suggest takes that into light and makes the car a 1-2 inline seater. Reducing build costs and allowing Ford or other dealers to not inadvertently produce a machine that breaks there state speed limit. And instead supports a quick but fun save way to get around. Also reducing Accidents and deaths by non-crashable technology being made standard to save lives in the vehicles, and around them.


Robert P commented on Redired fines and car requirements.

The design would be both, a way to help people like myself who have a genetic flaw that effects my Neorological functions. And the other side of it is the reality that all cars have a state speed limit. The only people allowed to speed are Police/EMS and national guard. If i or any other person speeds we are doing so and breaking state laws. Why make vehicles that can do so? Isn't that counter productive? Why not redesign cars further?


Robert P commented on SHARED CNG-TAXI NETWORK

Mr.Oshriyeh in this program will it have any impact on people's needs? Such as those that require exercise e equipment, to be able to get around. Im. Not understanding how buying into a share the a computer software calculates without me knowing what that company is in support of morally. I think very deeply and hope that you can tell us further details.