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Is their any free green travel vehicles like the one i suggested to help all walks of life get to the center on the 17th. Or a electric vehicle being used to help those wirh disabilities wanting attend from NJ? Or other states? If you could find out it would be a life changer for me.


Robert P commented on Downtown and Cultural District Circulator/Connector

I feel you may want to also consider those with disabilities like myself. Where is the actual fun of the ride? Only with a corectly done design can you benefit all people. Otherwise to me it's just another taxi with a face lift. And that isn't enough when you have a very difficult time walking, due to Cerebral Ataxia.


Robert P commented on POTHOLES

A better guide on the snow plows edge with rollers like a skate board, plus warming the edge of the bucket could help eliminate potholes from coming back. Would be a great step.