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In addition the thought to use an inline seating. So for those singles or couples not yet with children. They can get to their friends or families in a funner way. I look at the advertising on TV and myself nor other legal citizens of each state may break the law. Doing so will result in a ticket. So why not design the vehicle so it saves the driver that money. And they can use it on actual food/healthy items.


Robert P commented on Telecommuting As A Civil Right: The PORT Act

And to correct you i could provide a company with cabinets to be placed in homes/apartment from home/garage. So on that you would be mistaken. And you state the ovious, i am aware. The only way to effectively use PORT, would be as I stated. Would you think Police enforcement/PORT officials wouldn't need such authority? The employees wouldn't need be on a video feed, as to prove they can do the work from home. Im not arguing against your point I'm enhancing and further suggesting smart applications of 'PORT' program/law in action


Robert P commented on Telecommuting As A Civil Right: The PORT Act

So if im understanding if i worked for a cabinet maker, they need allow me make the cabinets at hone? Or say a miner, how could those willing to do that work applied this.
I can understand the points that using technology that we have at both work and home be addressed. In order to use this most effectively i do believe you would need employees to consent to conference/ video streaming of their activities towards the jobs benefit. Otherwise to require companies adhere to the laws written would require an extensive review of all companies, in every state by Police. That way the company would be subject to fines if the job could be done. And someone like me would get a check and sincere apologize for the negligence and discrimination. Therefore compensating men/women ike myself.