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Robert P commented on Tiny Transit for Seniors—Pilot Project

Thanks and glad to hear from you. Sorry for the delay i have to check my spam folder and make sure it isn't getting junked. Or as my profile shows use my personal email:
Hope to collaborate and help however I'm able, Susan Engelking.

Great possibly if this were used. But one thing I must ask as here in NJ many bikes do not follow state biking laws. And travel against traffic. Claiming i want to see if someone is about to hit me. However if proper biking rules were enforced those that defy the law would be captured on camera and fined say $1/10 feet travelling the wrong direction. Those doing right would be reward the funds that resulted. Until such time as everyone was honoring eachother and following the laws.


Robert P commented on Austin Green Health Zones

You speak of having selective areas for specific car types and bicycles as well as those designs like RAT Racers or mine. Found here:
And you speak of classes. I already do it right on my tricycle. But have seen many people disobeying state bicycle laws.