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Lawrence commented on Improvements to bus stops

Being an amateur I guess I assumed that any solar panel system would include battery storage. I haven't any actual plans drawn up; I leave that to the engineers and planning professionals. This is more of a suggestion from an individual, and the funding request amount was just an arbitrary figure since I have no idea of the actual cost of something like this. Others have posted similar suggestions with more thought and detail so I see that this idea is not unique.


Lawrence commented on Get off the phone 100%

Distracted driving, for whatever reason, is a very big problem. Phones are a major distraction just because someone thinks that call or text is more important than paying attention in traffic. Often a driver is moving slower than the other traffic because their eyes are on their phone. Traffic gets congested behind them. So many are self-absorbed, inconsiderate, or selfish.


Lawrence commented on Old people

Hi Omar, Katie, Matteo, I share Omar's frustration with slow drivers who block traffic behind them. Often it seems they are older people who may have vision problems, be lost, or have other issues. I personally try to drive at the speed limit and sometimes above when traffic is flowing fast as it often does on our local thoroughfares. When I am in a residential neighborhood I try to be aware that a child or pet may dart into the street and adjust my speed accordingly. Oftentimes pedestrians stroll across a busy street without a glance, assuming that vehicles will yield for them (sometimes with tragic results). I think it all comes down to patience and consideration for those who share the roads with us, allowing faster traffic to pass, not crowding people who are trying to watch for street or exit signs.