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Craig commented on Automated Destination System (ADS)

Aly, I would imagine need to educate and market the tool’s availability at city agencies (DMV etc) and roadway signage. Perhaps run a few news pieces along with mailers to anyone with registered vehicles in the jurisdiction.

“For the best traffic routes please text 511...”

Restrictions: >5 miles apart

F: 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140
F: 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
F: Miami Beach, FL
F: 33140

T: 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126
T: 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami
T: MIA Airport
T: 33126

To MIA Airport would balance the demand dynamically between RT A1A, I-195, RT 934, RT 922 and perhaps as far to RT 826.

So naturally the efficiency algorithm in the GPS takes the most direct route. However if travelled just a bit out the way would get there faster. The proposal would extrapolate existing road conditions, participates or not, then route intended additional travelers to lesser populated paths. All while using metadata like city issued permits for events, festivals, road work schedules, traffic monitors, and reports of incidents to dynamically get people to the airport.

I emailed same above response with pictures.


Craig commented on Automated Destination System (ADS)

Hello Aly, Please see replies specific to each question asked.

Do you have any examples of something like this working in other cities or was it a moment of new inspiration?

I would love to believe the idea is completely original however very unlikely. Just a short search for the concept yielded the following:

What's to motivate them to listen to this system?
Here in lies the real solution…we need behavioral scientist to solve the traffic issue. IF quantitatively enough pathways exist for the volume of vehicles to arrive similar destinations within relatively the same time then it’s just a matter of getting the drivers to commit psychologically.

What sort of interface would drivers use to indicate their location/destination?
1. SMS via short code with a replied “system” determined best route based on a designed algorithm. (this is low barrier to entry and quick check for proof of concept)
I love this idea the most since can be implemented near-term using current infrastructure and doubles as a building block for future versions.

2. Localized data “plug-in” for existing navigation software, i.e. smartphone app or in-vehicle type. Perhaps using vehicle registration initially to vet user interface to city wide traffic system.

Lastly, if you do have any pictures that will help illustrate what you're describing, please upload them to the post.
I do not have any documentation to date. It’s only conceptually in my head.

Ideally a fully autonomous system without human interaction which would almost work flawlessly once iterated. I wholeheartedly believe all the viable components for the aforementioned systems already exists, albeit disjointed. With enough metadata using existing municipal information, i.e. roadway types/size, DOT signage, construction schedules and district zoning can refine the system in the future. I spent about two (2) hours reviewing current city-wide traffic control systems (TCS) and every single one is reactive in design. If there’s a concert, why not send everyone going there in varying routes whilst redirecting all others around or away from the venue radius.

Craig Brown