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Hi Annie, congratulations on advancing to the semi-finalist round of the Grand Rapids City of Tomorrow Challenge! This is such needed solution, what are your specific use cases, and how do they overlap with the needs of the Grand Rapid patient populations? What sets you apart from traditional ride traditional ride share opportunities? Hope these questions help you shape your idea! Best of luck in the challenge and I'm excited to see where your ideas take you!


Mindi commented on Smart & Safe Traffic Solutions for Schools- PikMyKid

Hi Saravana, my name is Mindi and I'm also a semi-finalist for the Grand Rapids challenge, Congratulations! This is a wonderful idea and I can see how my home city of Chicago could greatly benefit from a solution like this. What is the scaleability of your project? Have you found successes in larger markets? For instance some Chicagoland residents don't have a car, how does your approach take into account security measures for parents who might not have a car or someone who could pose as a family friend picking up a child that wasn't theirs? Excited to see where your idea takes you and best of luck!

Hi Tom Bulten , thanks for your feedback! We have updated our proposal to provide more insights on how our business model and approach to healthcare has shown financial benefit to the healthcare system while being equally beneficial to our patient's health and well-being. We look forward to continued conversation!