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Boratha commented on Airspace Link: Providing Highways in the Sky

Hi Michael Healander thanks for proposing your drone system! I am part of the facilitation team for City:One. I was wondering if the drone system could expand the drone system to also integrate traffic mapping for analyzing how to decrease traffic jams, provide communication with AVs, connect with traffic lights specifically for emergency vehicles to quickly go through intersections safely, network with public transit systems to optimize their patterns, etc.


Boratha commented on Attraction Compass: AR Directions for Tourists

Thanks for putting in this proposal Sofus Addington ! I work with the City:One Facilitators. Using AR to provide more info about Detroit seems very fun! I did see that your proposal lists out using a smartphone. Are there any other ways that can be used to expand your AR capabilities (such as touch screens at bus stops, interactable street signs at eye level, etc.)? Can we also include more information than just tourist attractions?

Thanks for submitting your proposal, Eva Tománková ! I work in the facilitation team at City:one. I read that you can "transfer to a ride-hail car or taxi". I was wondering what the specific details are surrounding this. Are ride shares and taxis somehow linked to your apps? Is there a contract with Uber or taxi companies?