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BASSEM commented on On-Demand Intelligent Transportation System

Dear Rhonda,

Thanks for your question. Symbios Solutions Inc. is an American company, based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please let me know if I could be of any further help.

Best regards,


BASSEM commented on On-Demand Intelligent Transportation System

Dear Rob,

Thanks for your great questions. Our proposal goal is to make river public transportation safe, pleasant and convenient experience, including providing access for disabled passengers, handicap and overweight.
It is critical to the independence of people with disabilities and their ability to contribute economically, socially, and politically.
Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 - US); ‘’All new vehicles used in public transit must be accessible; key existing rail stations and all new rail stations and facilities must be accessible; and transit operators must provide paratransit (on-demand, door-to-door) services for those who cannot use available mass transit.’’
-That being said, we suggest that an effort must be made to ensure that people with disabilities have access to affordable and reliable public River Transportation.
-For the Proposed cycling unit, as you know Many designs are available for the unit with many varieties and options offered by different companies depending on demands and capacity needs.
We think that a specific level will be dedicated for the public transportation units, But we could add the private boats to the public transportation system in order to facilitate the pilot ramp up also to enhance the sharing vehicles culture standards (nice idea Rob).

Thank you for your support Rob.

Best regards,
Bassem & Zayed


BASSEM commented on On-Demand Intelligent Transportation System

Dear Melaura,

Thanks for your question and allowing me to highlight the difference. It was a great point you made. GRSTS is not a fully detached system from GTFS but it is rather depending on the global system that uses the GTFS Static/Real-time which carry out the transit information such as stops, routes, trips, and other schedule data to enhance our proposal.
Furthermore, our suggested system GRSTS is an intelligent system that is not only declared (shared) data live or in a real-time manner but also forecast the future demand and route optimization using AI, Iot and consuming Big data.

For example, a smart lamppost will have sensors installed, These sensors could measure a slew of different things, like whether or not there are people on the street in order to dim and brighten lighting as necessary, It could even measure something city government officials are interested in studying, like air quality and so on.
Moreover, on the city planning side, they’re making the best guess at what bus routes citizens need, In our Proposal you’ll be able to consult up-to-the-second information about bus arrival times, whether that’s with a smartphone app or a bus station with a display with the latest information, The bus routes will also be able to be optimally planned using data about real people’s behavior all around, this makes the transportation process more efficient and effective in streamline for everyone.

By using smart lampposts like the ones we described earlier, the city of Barcelona reduced their energy usage by 30%, resulting in $37 million saved each year so it affects the environment positively.

Any city can become a smart city, it just takes a bit of technology, vision, and an open mind for a change. These are just a few examples that make a smart city. And our system will even make our City an Intelligent city ready when the time for Intelligence comes.

I hope that answered your questions, please feel free to contact me if you need any further details.

Best regards,
Bassem & Zayed