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Damaris commented on Dramatically Lessen Traffic

Hi Wilda. Thank you for your comment, and liking the idea. No, I don't believe you should be subjected to going only on designated days. You already go beyond from what you have shared, your kids are lucky to have you as their mom. I'm hoping that because of this idea, the parents who will use it, will take a break from the heavy traffic, so that parents like you, who have to be on the road almost all the time, can get a break from the heavy traffic and have less stressful drives.


Damaris commented on Immediately Reduce Traffic

I love this outside the box -idea! I can see how it can work to eliminate traffic congestion. I don't think anyone ever thought of widening the school busses to fit more kids and take the parents along too, who instead would be driving them to school causing part of traffic congestion.


Damaris commented on Dramatically Lessen Traffic

Hi Katie:
Thanks! I worked as a librarian assistant / children’s book specialist.