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Good Day,
Thank you for your question Ms. Diana.
Yes the Idea is Pretty new to everyone as its first of its kind. As there is no option for posting Images, let me explain to you the answer to the question as an ordinary bus driving on the road.
There will be specific bus stops for and the passenger could get down at their respective stops. When the bus stops, it takes a left and parks on the bus stopping stations or the bus bays only and the buses & other vehicles from behind keeps driving with out getting interrupted.
Similarly, in TieTran there will be safe distance between the cycles and when destination arrives the cycle take a left and drives into the parking station unloading the passenger and loads another passenger and join the main line. We use the technology, TieTran Intelligent Navigation System (TINS)

That's a very good question.
We will be installing (Planning) stations every 300 to 500 M for the passengers to get on or off the cycle when they reach their destinations.
We are very much happy to give answers to every query you have.
My name is Arun and I am the Director of Business Development at Primerail Infralabs Pvt Ltd.
Mr Suresh Babu Salla is the Founder & MD of Primerail Infralabs Pvt Ltd.

Good Day Kate,

Thank you very much for the question. I appreciate it.

The whole system is autonomous. It runs automatically at a pre-determined speed between the destinations.
This cycle is elderly friendly. So the person has to sit on to it and the cycle will take him to the destination very safely.
Peddling option is also available for those who like to pedal the cycle to their destination and will be a healthy way of travel as well.