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At least one idea, BUT
- there is a mini-bus network already: the jitneys. They are a nightmare, a lot worse than the worst in any third or fourth-world country. some buses have actual holes on the floor, drunk and texting drivers, accidents every day (i've was in one ride the other day were the jitney crashed against a car), non inspected, dirty, you name it. There is not an infrastructure of inspection and control that can guarantee that those minibuses are safe. They are unsafe and a shame in a developed city. Jitneys are a disgrace, i am sorry to say, even if they are able to move people from point A to point B -something that the city buses do not seem to be able to do. So that the metrobus is bad does not justify something even worse.
- Metro Rail is not known as Metro Fail. As a public transportation rider of many years, that's the first time I hear that.
- Metro Rail does not go to Kendall and does not go East to West. It goes North to South. This alone indicates that the writer does not know what s/he is talking about. Needs to do some homework first?


Ariana commented on Sensation Paths - Creative Sidewalks and Walkways

Really? Do you seriously think that it will alleviate traffic? And you say it is not a joke?


Ariana commented on Traffic Lights

It is everywhere. there isn't a single major artery without that problem. Biscayne Blvd- constant. in the evening/night with little traffic, and you are stopped for no reason at any intersection in Aventura or North Miami Beach,. the 163 bridge to Sunny Isles is another case in point. Lights get red when the intersection is the entrance into the Oleta River Park after dark when the park is closed and not a soul turns in there. Or anywhere along there - they stop traffic all the time for no reason. Sunny Isles and Surfside are both terrible along Collins - i wonder if they do it on purpose because it seems impossible to coordinate lights any worse. Biscayne, NE 2nd, N Miami Ave - all terrible. NE 96th from Miami Shores to the I-95, also bad. i'd say Sunny ISles and Surfside both should share the awards to worst coordinated lights. Aventura along Biscayne is next. Aventura is very good to make money out of their red light cameras and their no right on red signs. At night, they keep people waiting at an empty intersection for several minutes, so that they might be tempted to do a right on red or else they'll fall asleep at the wheel. Not one person crossing the street, not two cars on the road. They want people to jump the light. Then they ticket them on the hundreds of dollars.