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Ari commented on Take Uber express to the next level

Hey, no I do not ever take public transportation being that it is very difficult to use and always takes much longer and Ill always have to walk for at least 10-15 min, which in the Miami heat can be very uncomfortable.

Driving to work has also been very difficult in Miami and I have noticed a few things that make it all the more difficult and that's what I tried fixing.

1. Highways are extremely congested. Us-1, i-95, 837, 827, etc.
2. The busses and trucks trying to manuever around in the small City streets slow down the rest of traffic by a lot.
3. From my experience, a very small amount of people currently use the public transportation for their daily commute or any form of carpooling and I believe if it were convenient enough, quick, not too much walking and especially if their were specific incentives, such as special public transportation Lanes on the highways - say during rush hour in place of say HOV Lanes - their really can be an significant increase in users.