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ECORIDE its about collective rides all around the country,
  its a new´perspective of how we use the vehicles.

ECORIDE its about collective rides all around the country, its a new´perspective of how we use the vehicles.

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Anabel commented on "ECORIDE"

Hi Leah, how are you?

Thanks for your comment and to be interest on helping the planet.


Anabel commented on "ECORIDE"

Hi matteo, thanks for your answer and your interesting questions. Let me answer you

*What would the Minimum viable product have as features?
1.The app it´s innovative, and can help to make a huge change in miami´s traffic. Also it can help to preserve the enviroment, reduce huge infraestructure investments like (highways and bridges that cost at least $100 millions). If you compare it with our budget, you can see that we are a better investment.
2. It can promote a collective attitude among students and workers, promote environmental awareness and promote better relations and empathy with others. Because we meet new people and spendt more time with them. So it can helps to decrease social exciliation that causes tragedies in the United States.
3. It can reduce the traffic (most of the people have similar routes everyday, if 300,000 people starts sharing rides, how much traffic will be reduced? and that's a small amount of people.
*How do you plan on using the money requested?
-Breaking down expenses
1. Developing the app.
*Create a devoping team (15- 20 people. They can help with the developing an service of the app. 24 hours when it´s ready.
*Pay for web servers.
* Design work (logo and image of the app)
* Administration team (Transfer the money to the users) in case. And controll the finances of the project.
2. Legal work.
. Companie constitution.
. industrial property rights.
3. Accountant work.
4. Space to work (office)-Office (rent) -Office expenses. - Office equipment.
* How did you get to the 70% traffic reduction number?
-It was an estimation, it you look at the times with the most traffic, coincides with people goint to work or school or people leaving for work or school.
4. After the 100K of initial capital, how would the app be sustained?
We have many options.
1. Receive a small comisison from the drivers.
2. Receive donations from the users.
3. After the succes were we can prove our benefits, we will try to ask the goverment for a capital founds.

thank you!

Guillermo Aranda and Anabel Muina


Anabel commented on Bolder, stronger leadership moves us into the future.

Hi Eddie, my name is Guillermo Aranda.
I'm working on a idea, that can change at least 30% of the transit, daily, that's a huge change. And if this come real, it can be a solution worldwide.
Check the info, it's call ECORYDE
One idea is enough to make a huge change.
Best reggards,
Guillermo and Anabel.