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Donell Badgett Are you trying to be funny? This is for serious suggestions. Everywhere has its issues and simply leaving for a rare thing such as the T flooding... move along now.

I wish I did have pictures, maybe I can find some online. I was too scared during driving to take my phone out! I was stopped at a light and took a video but it's not clear.

Right, I know of the bathtub too! That's just absolutely ridiculous.
I was not on the T but I was driving on 88, yes during the 6/20 flash flooding. The particular cross-section was Library & Kings School Rd. It was very deep and gushing. I could see the "river" on the T's tracks. This is actually the first time I've dealt with this, but I know that Library Rd. has had this happen numerous times.
I tried to think about an alternate way to get home (that intersection had a gushing puddle about maybe 1-2 feet deep), but I didn't want to chance going another way and seeing an even worse situation. With a city with this much traffic and rainfall, it should be a priority to find a solution!