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Angela commented on Expanding program

I like this idea - it seems like mygrcitypoints has kind of died off but I really don't want it to! Adding incentives for using alternative forms of transportation is a great use of an existing app and rewards system.


Angela commented on Transforming underutilized space into bike paths.

To add on to this, it would be great to find local artists to add murals to some of these spaces. It's amazing how art can transform the vibe (and safety) of a space - have you ever visited an alley that became a destination because murals were added? I have been to a couple in Detroit and Milwaukee that I love.


Angela commented on Snowplow sidewalks along major streets

Great idea - I have shoveled my sidewalk on Burton in the past *too* early - a city snowplow comes by and displaces the street snow onto the sidewalk that I just worked on clearing. Whether or not I have shoveled, it still makes the work much more difficult. I also have a unique situation where there are three separate apartments which shared the stretch of sidewalk, yet my boyfriend and I seem to be the only ones concerned with keeping the sidewalk clear for walkers, of which we have many. This would be amazing!