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Amanda René commented on DispatchBot - Dispatch. Streamlined.

Thank you for your questions!

Our team's success has been present in numerous cities, but Seattle specifically provides it's own challenges with the numerous water ways. Currently, our biggest transportation provider operates 70 vehicles throughout the area taking folks from inner city to the peripherals and vice versa, while also making shorter commutes throughout the city. Other transportation provide services as well. In a way, DispatchBot has really opened the market here, and we see mobility more readily available for passengers.

DispatchBot is a service for transportation providers. Our current focus is the non emergency medical transportation industry, but our software is flexible and can be used for numerous other applications such as general transport or delivery services. This challenge is exciting for us, because we'd love to see DispatchBot put to work to serve more communities. Efficient, informed transportation is our passion.

Smaller trips are very lucrative for transportation providers if they have higher capacity vehicles as these trips can be performed along already determined routes.

Our service gives these companies the opportunity to start a business with our low service fees and genuinely compete with larger companies in the area providing passengers with choice. The choices are available on Google Maps as our software utilizes GTFS to send all transportation routes of it's users to the feed for consumption by free apps like Google Maps or Google transit.

I hope this helps clarify:) I look forward to answering any other questions you may have.


Amanda René commented on DispatchBot - Dispatch. Streamlined.

Thank you! We hope to not only incentivize expansion of existing businesses, but also to encourage new entrepreneurs as well.