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Thanks David for your support.

I appreciate hearing from my neighbors, and in particular, those who were unable to attend the meetings as I did to gather the thoughts and ideas of THIS COMMUNITY and write them down.

We are in the early stages and are fully prepared to submit a more detailed budget to Ford once we know that we are moving forward.
Unlike others who colloquially put the cow before the horse, we will be using additional data collected from the community to build our budget in phases as the original proposal details. To my knowledge, there is no proposal - at this stage - with a finely tuned detailed budget. Rather than guess at community buy-in, we know that these ideas stemmed from the community and a budget is forthcoming when Ford is ready for us to do so.


Alina commented on Request to partner

Hi Stephanie

Thanks again - I did check your website and this service is awesome! Just what Detroit communities need.

We are looking for partners to achieve our goals so please check your email and looking forward to speaking or even meeting you in person!


Alina commented on Request to partner

Hi Bruce, Thanks for reaching out - I appreciate your level of detail (wow!). Check your email as I shared mine in response.