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This is Alejandro from the City One team. Who pays for the gift cards? I suppose the partners through advertisement? Thanks for clarifying this point.


Alejandro commented on Movagain (Own your freedom)

Hola Diego,
Aqui Alejandro del equipo de City: One. Has pensado en que etapas del traslado de las personas dentro del sistema de trasnporte colectivo podrian usar tu propuesta? por ejemplo en los largos pasillos del metro? En trasbordos de un trasnporte a otro? Sin que lo compren, solo que lo usen de forma gratuita (pgado por govierno o alguien mas).


Alejandro commented on Shotl On-demand Bus

Hi Silvia,
This is Alejandro from the City: One team.
I find this very usefull for people going to medical (non emergency) appointments or community centers. Have you had some experience with this kind of customers with recurring trips?