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Hi Armando,

Thanks for checking out our project and submitting feedback. To answer your questions:
- Our fleet grade devices cost approximately 1.5x more than the consumer grade scooters currently being used. They last 3x as long, but also have the advantage of less downtime due to charging thanks to a field swappable battery, so they will earn considerably more over the total lifespan.
- The rev share can be set up a couple different ways. One, where we operate a full program (setting pricing, managing, operating) at no upfront cost to the city and pay the city a guaranteed payment per vehicle each month. Two, where the city 'takes ownership' of the program (purchasing or leasing vehicles, collecting revenue, setting pricing) and contracts with CLEVR for the operation and maintenance of the fleet at a monthly fee per device.
- Regarding safety, this is where we are drastically different. Our CLEVRNav technology allows us to control the vehicle behavior in the public space - for example, currently scooter companies' users can ride full speed (15 MPH) on sidewalks. The companies are only required to notify their users that this is illegal, but the compliance is shoved off onto the riders and everyone is left trying to manage user behavior reactively. With CLEVR's precise GPS location, we are able to geofence areas as small as a sidewalk and control what the vehicle does in those areas - if a city wishes to prohibit riding on sidewalks, our devices will be disabled via the network if a user tries to ride there and will be notified of the violation. Alternatively, we can also limit the top speed to a pedestrian friendly 4-5 MPH on the sidewalk, making it a option for scenarios where the sidewalk may be the safest place to be (given lack of bike lanes or use by an older person who is using it for increased mobility). We are also able to manage very exacting parking requirements thanks to our GPS, ensuring that our vehicles will not be in the right of way. We mitigate the potential for poor user behavior through technology.
Lastly, regarding Vision Zero, we are certainly a willing partner. Many additional safety capabilities including vehicle to vehicle (V2V) are possible with our CLEVRNav module. Safety is of paramount importance to us and we would love to engage with the city to enact strategies to promote it - including the need for better bike/scooter infrastructure to incentivize their use over cars!

Hi Donna! Thanks for checking out CLEVR. To answer your question - the fact that these are electric vehicles means they require NO effort and, even in heat and humidity, you actually benefit from a breeze as you ride. We have used electric scooters in places like Dubai and Texas in summer, and it sure beats standing around waiting under the blazing sun!

Thanks! We have already posted on social media and will do so again!