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Hi Franklin - I like your group's proposal. Do you have an email I can reach out to? Interested in discussing further details/questions that I have on your implementation plan. Thanks!

Hi Boratha Tan thanks for your thoughtful questions! We collect/store personal info from all users (name, address, etc.) and have it confirmed by a third-party prior to any rides being completed. FYI we currently keep all of this info private due to data/info concerns that people have recently voiced around the US. We're also looking to add a background check feature in the near future which will be required for all users to complete.

Our pricing system is set based on the mileage of a commute, and is charged only when those rides are completed (i.e. not a subscription-based model). We created our rate structure specifically with the lower income individuals in mind. Our goal for this product was to provide an affordable transport option, and that meant that it had to be cheaper than driving yourself, and also comparable to public transportation in MI. We hope that this option is in fact a cost saver to most users, rather than an added cost. Rides can be as low as $1 each way for shorter distance trips (few miles).