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Alexander commented on The usage of the rail line

Hi Amy Z thanks for your interest in this Challenge. I'll answer your questions as best I can.

1. The final product format right now will be the proposal form you see in the open Propose Phase. Beyond that, you are able to attach relevant documents and link your supporting information as well.
- You do not need to prepare a board to submit the documentation, as we will be analyzing the proposals digitally.
2. Regarding the building usage report, I don't personally have the context to provide you with that information, but if you were to approach the information center in Corktown, (near The Factory), it might be able to provide further information about the use of the building.

I hope this helps!


Hi Anthony Curtis thanks for contributing to the Challenge. I'm Alex, one of the facilitators for the City:One Challenges. This is quite the infrastructural lift, what kinds of opportunities do you think will come from this transition? You mentioned the line to the airport, I'm curious what other experiences would come of this change?


Alexander commented on New mobility above and below ground.

Hello Syes Aohlan and thanks for contributing to the City:One Challenge. I'm Alex, one of the facilitators for the City:One Challenges. What kind of primary experiences do you foresee being facilitated through this tech. Also, what kind of technology enablement do you seek in the examples of Smart Asphalt or parking structures?