Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

The ability to move easily from place to place increases access to economic, educational, and social opportunity. The Indianapolis of tomorrow makes this movement simple and affordable through an integrated transportation network where people can easily know and use options to move around city.

When designing this network, the different needs and preferences of communities must be taken into account. To create choices that work for everyone, The City:One Indianapolis Challenge puts residents at the center of the conversation and dives deep to understand the barriers that keep the city and its residents from reaching their aspirations today.  

Through the City:One Challenge, residents will work with the private and public sectors to identify unmet transportation needs, will collaborate on identifying solutions that address those needs, and will help select one or more pilot projects to share up to $100,000 in funding to launch their ideas.  These solutions will focus on:

- Improving affordability of transportation options

- Increasing access to job centers, health care, and education

- Enhancing experiences for residents with physical or other challenges that inhibit their ability to move around the community easily

- Creating multi-modal options complementing IndyGo service

- Identifying creative ways for government, employers, and non-profits to distribute transportation credits and incentives to individuals

- Integrating various transportation options to create a seamless transportation experience

For inspiration, visit prior City of Tomorrow Challenges in Miami-Dade, Grand Rapids and Pittsburgh.



- Explore  - To start, we want to understand resident experiences and existing mismatches between transportation needs and options in Indianapolis.

- Propose  - We open the application period to submit ideas for addressing the focus areas.

- Refine  - We select 10-15 semi-finalists, who will receive resources to tailor their solutions to local communities and develop a full pilot proposal.

- Select  - An expert Judging Panel determines the top application(s), which will receive up to $100K for piloting.

- Pilot - The Challenge winner(s) take their idea(s) from paper to street and launch a pilot in the Challenge City.


1. Technology and Service Innovation

2. Street and Space Design

3. Other – Surprise us!


1. Desirable - The application demonstrates how it can meet the needs of both the city and its intended user

- Does the solution clearly attempt to answer the Challenge Question?

- Does the solution fit within an Opportunity Area? If not, does it clearly articulate a new opportunity or unmet need?

- Is there a clear user with an unmet need, and does the application compellingly demonstrate that someone will use the solution?

2. Feasible - The solution can be piloted with up to $100,000 and within 6 months, and it is operational within the current transportation system

- Does the applicant have the capabilities to deploy a pilot on-time and on-budget?

- Does the solution require reasonable changes, or none at all, to the current transportation network or infrastructure?

- Does the solution demonstrate awareness of potential hurdles and a plan to overcome them?

3. Viable - The solution has a clear customer and a pathway to a sustainable service model

- Does the solution articulate a funding model and/or demonstrate a path to a revenue stream that could sustain it after the pilot period concludes?

- Is there a plan to collect data and metrics that could inform future deployments or scaling?

- Is there a plan for scaling the solution to new areas after the initial pilot deployment period?

Preferences will go to applications that include:

     - Community Buy-In

     - Affordability

     - Equity

     - Data-driven methods


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