Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

Welcome to Mexico City!

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We believe that

To solve the complex mobility problems of Mexico City, it is essential to place people at the center of mobility policies. When we solve a person's problems, we can create solutions on a larger scale. We build a city in motion one person, one solution at a time.

By putting people at the center, especially the most vulnerable, we can solve accessibility problems, reduce transfer times and aspire to comfortable and safe travel for those who travel through Mexico City.

Our Goal is

Identify unmet problems, experiences and mobility needs, collaborate in the identification of solutions and propose pilot projects that have an immediate impact on improving the mobility of people, specifically of vulnerable groups that live in the periphery of the city.

The winning pilots receive up to $ 100,000 dollars in funds for their implementation, help inform future investments in technology and infrastructure that put at the center the mobility needs of all people.




Focus Areas

Within the framework of the three pillars, we have three areas of focus that the Challenge will try to impact:

- Mobility needs of populations in situations of vulnerability, such as women, people with disabilities, elderly people, girls and boys

- Improve the travel experience of all people, especially vulnerable groups that face longer transfer times, security problems, as well as accessibility barriers when moving

- Peripheral areas of the city of Mexico in particular in those areas with lower incomes and higher indices of social marginalization.

We will update Mexico City brief with more details after listening to the residents and when we open the Proposal Phase. For now, learn how the challenge program works in the About section.

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