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Scoop Carpooling

Scoop will launch our carpooling solution to Pittsburgh commuters and will provide City of Tomorrow funded incentives to encourage adoption

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Scoop will launch our best-in-class carpooling solution to Pittsburgh commuters. Scoop appeals to commuters who have limited alternative transportation options and live in underserved areas. Through Scoop’s innovative carpooling program, we are able to provide a reliable, non-SOV way for commuters in underserved areas to commute. Scoop also helps to strengthen the community by connecting neighbors and co-workers into convenient carpools.Scoop is best positioned to operate an incentivized carpool program in Pittsburgh. Scoop is currently the largest carpooling program in the US and has partnered with similar organizations, such as C/CAG of San Mateo County, City of Seattle, The Contra Costa Transportation Authority, and King County Metro. In just over 3 years of service, Scoop has matched over 3,000,000 individual carpool trips and has over 150,000 registered users.

Scoop to: 

  • Provide carpooling app, program management, and reporting
  • Provide incentives for eligible commuters in Pittsburgh
  • Provide marketing materials and team support for program launch
  • Work directly with large employers to constantly build stronger carpool network

City of Tomorrow to: 

  • Invest $80,000 in incentives to be passed through as incentives to commuters
  • Invest $20,000 in co-marketing support for program
  • Market Scoop program to organizations, employers, and general commuters at launch and on ongoing basis

More about Scoop:Scoop Technologies, Inc. (“Scoop”) has developed the Scoop app to enable commuters to share their commute with co-workers and neighbors without sacrificing their flexibility. After careful research and interviews with thousands of commuters and dozens of companies, Scoop identified several key barriers preventing commuters from carpooling: 

  • Commuters often do not know who else commutes from their home location to their work location on any given day
  • Employee schedules are becoming increasingly irregular – most employees do not know what time they want to go home from work when they get to work in the morning, and their schedules can fluctuate significantly day to day
  • As a result, 90% of "static” carpools (where employees share their commute with fixed people at fixed times each day) fail
  • Furthermore, the act of sifting through potential carpool “matches” to agree on details for sharing a commute is viewed as too much work relative to the ease and flexibility of driving alone

Scoop’s solution systematically breaks down the barriers to carpooling with the aim of making a shared commute so easy and so cheap that it is an obviously preferable choice to driving alone. The key elements of the Scoop solution are: 

  • Simple registration – when a Scoop user signs up, the user shares their preferred home address and work address. Scoop tells the user how much they can save on an annual basis vs. driving alone.
  • Two tap trip scheduling - each trip is scheduled with just two taps in the app:
    • Select the time they want to take the trip
    • Select whether they want to drive, ride, or either
  • Full automation of matching – Scoop has built a proprietary algorithm that takes route information, predicted traffic, time preferences, and drive/ride preferences to match all carpoolers in the most efficient trip for them on a trip-by-trip basis. There are no “matches” for users to sift through to agree on sharing a trip.
  • Split AM/PM trips – Scoop’s algorithm and automation allow users to schedule their AM and PM trips separately. Scoop users have until 9PM the night before to schedule their AM trip, and until 3:30PM in the afternoon to schedule their trip home. This allows users an unprecedented level of control over their schedule.
  • Motor Vehicle History checks – Scoop has a built in motor vehicle history check that automatically takes place before any user is allowed to drive another user. No other carpooling solution makes that level of investment in safety.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home – Any Scoop user that takes a trip in the morning is guaranteed a ride home in the afternoon. Whether the user has an emergency, needs to work late, or runs into any other issue, Scoop will either auto-reschedule the user in a new carpool or pay for a taxi if necessary.
  • User feedback – At the end of each trip, users can share feedback on their trip. Positive feedback will go into the algorithm and make that match more likely to occur again in the future when schedules align. Negative feedback will reduce likelihood of a future rematch, or if a user checks a box saying, “do not match us again”, the user will never get matched with that carpooler again. The other carpooler will not be notified when this happens.

Unique app features

  • Flexibility - Morning and evening trips are separate, so you’re not locked in by anyone else’s schedule. Use Scoop with whatever frequency you want - no commitments or fixed carpools. Scoop’s Guaranteed Ride Home program means you’ll never have to worry about being stranded at the office.
  • Simplicity - Scoop puts you in the most efficient carpool based on factors like your route, predicted traffic, employer and past trips. Scoop manages all the details, including routing, timing, contact information and payment.
  • Safety - Every driver goes through a motor vehicle history check, and you only commute with people you’re comfortable with. Plus, Scoop provides support via phone, text or email to make sure your experience is perfect.

How will this help solve the Challenge Question?Scoop is a perfect fit for the Cities for Tomorrow challenge question: How might we design commutes in Pittsburgh that are seamless, welcoming, and intuitive?As evidenced above, Scoop’s solution provides a seamless, welcoming, and intuitive way for commuters to carpool. Scoop backs this up by boasting over 3,000,000 carpool trips in just over 3 years of running trips. Our team of 85+ at our San Francisco, CA HQ are constantly working to improve our app functionality, commuter experience, and marketing capabilities.

To make any carpooling program work, it takes both partnership with employers and municipalities. Scoop is currently in discussions with various large Pittsburgh employers which, if they become Scoop customers, will serve as an anchor to build necessary critical mass for our carpooling program. Our vision is to provide reliable a carpooling option to all commuters in an area, not just to employees at large organizations. By having Cities of Tomorrow invest in providing incentives to Scoop commuters, we will be able to build a larger network of carpoolers – enabling more efficient carpool matches across the ecosystem.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Commuters who are currently driving alone for medium to long distance commutes will utilize Scoop, as our average trip length on Scoop is ~20 miles. Commuters who do not have convenient access to public transit, or are too far to walk/bike, are likely the users of Scoop. We appeal to commuters who are interested in saving money, time, and meeting neighbors and co-workers. Attached is a video and user flow.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Fully Scaled - you have already scaled your solution and are exploring new use cases

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

Scoop has over 85 full time employees based in our San Francisco, CA HQ. Scoop is co-founded by brothers Rob and Jon Sadow. Rob is an ex-Bain management consultant and Jon is an ex-Product Manager at Google. The more direct team who would be working on this project: David Weisman – David leads business development at Scoop. David spent the previous five years at Google, developing strong experience across sales, account management, and operations. Full team:

Size of your team or organization

  • 51-250

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

Scoop will provide technical, operations, and marketing resources to ensure the program is launched successfully and continually grows. The City of Tomorrow Challenge will provide funding to (1) incentivize carpooling and (2) assist with marketing. Scoop's core business model is through employer customers. At and after launch in Pittsburgh, Scoop will field a sales team to onboard additional employers into the Scoop customer ecosystem. This initial funding will help to get the program off of the ground, and incentivize initial participants, which will enable Scoop to sell our solution to corporate customers in the Pittsburgh area. It is worth noting that Scoop will only launch in Pittsburgh with at least one major employer. This means that, at launch of the program with City of Tomorrow, Scoop will be in contract with at least one major employer for to ensure long-term stability of our carpooling ecosystem in Pittsburgh.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

It is simple to measure the success of a Scoop pilot program. Scoop tracks every trip on our platform and will report these trips back to the City of Tomorrow team each month. We are requesting a $2 incentive funded by City of Tomorrow toward each one-way carpool trip. Therefore, a successful program will see Scoop match 40,000 individual one-way carpool trips for a total of $80,000 in incentive funding. The additional $20,000 requested is to help fund co-marketing programs to be determined.


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