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TieTran Cycleloop, an Innovative Solar Powered E-Bike, Last Mile Urban Mobility Solution

TieTran is an Autonomous, Self-Balanced and On-Demand Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) System, running on guided plate in an all-weather tube

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TieTran Cycleloop is an Innovative Hybrid Powered (Solar-Pedal) E-Bike Mobility Solution. It is Autonomous, Self-Balanced and On-Demand Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) System, running on guided plate in an all-weather tube. System amalgamates lean modular physical infra & next-gen cyber infra to suit cities anywhere in the world.

Central server networked bicycles responds Intelligently for Acceleration, Cruise Speed, Braking and Anti-Collision ensuring rider’s safety. TieTran Intelligent Navigation System (TINS) uses AI-IOT for passenger comfort & throughput.  Women & elderly friendly Bikes can carry up to 9000 people-per-hour-per-direction. It primarily serves as high-capacity last-mile connectivity from & to the metro Stations and other mass public transit hubs.

TieTran booked via smart-app establishes identity of the user & selects dynamically the best route to destination and moves autonomously at a predetermined speed to reach on time. Cycle runs on compact coaxial hybrid power train – (Solar-Pedal Powered) thus Zero-Emission.

 TieTran Cycleloop is an ultimate solution for green & high-capacity last-mile mobility. This provides all-weather last-mile mobility, save time, road space and eludes pollution, congestion and road accidents. TieTran is thus Sustainable, Safe and Healthy (pedalling option) apt ride for liveable cities. Looking forward to implement it for equitable, affordable and joyful rides in our neighbourhood.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Primerail is developing 400 M full infrastructure Showcase project at Whitefield, Bangalore and scheduled to commission by Dec, 2018. TieTran’s primary customers are Metro rail authorities, urban local bodies, and large real estate developers. Typical customers are also of integrated townships, tech-parks / large office campuses, tourist places, large industrial complexes and Airports authorities, who prefer faster and on-demand travel within premises with connections to larger public transport systems and look for LEAN & CLEAN futuristic transport modes. So far more emphasis is given on technology & product development. In the process, we found TieTran’s prospective customers Gurgaon Rapid Metro, Delhi Airport, Hyderabad Metro, Lucknow Metro and Amaravati city. Prospective customers shown interest keen interest.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Initial Design - you are still exploring the idea and have not tested it with users
  • Prototype - you have built a prototype and tested it with potential users

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

Mr. Suresh Babu Salla is the Founder & the MD of the company. He is IIT PG in Industrial Management having more than 20 years of Professional Experience in Rail & Metros in Government and Private Sectors Primerail’s talented in-house engineers (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics) all working real hard with an only mission for the success of the TieTran Project. TieTran Project Lead is Mr. Kanakaraju, a Seasoned Ex-Scientist from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Size of your team or organization

  • 11-50

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

TieTran Cycleloop is a unique Product and is first of its kind. It is the World’s Lean, Green & Healthy Personal Rapid Transit. It is an on-demand autonomous electric guided PRT System providing Connected, affordable and shared last-mile mobility solution. It is an Hybrid powered E-Bikes (Solar + Pedal – Pedalling as an optional power) running non-stop from origin to destination at predetermined speeds on a dedicated lean guided plate in an Enclosed Tube Structure called Cycleloop– some enthusiasts call it as Pedal Powered Hyperloop. TieTran technology is unique in terms of self-balancing electronic bike, solar powered Battery-less E-Bike, zero-emission system, hybrid power-train, intelligent navigation system, offline stations and smart in-vehicle Route Switching. It’s Business Uniqueness Are Unit Economics in terms of vehicle and infra costs, Modular Quick Construction, Near-Zero Land Acquisition, No usage of fossil fuels, Rapid Scalability and Optimum LCC.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Today cities are synonymous with urban traffic congestion and grid locks, air and noise pollution, pile of private vehicles and commuter stress. Though metro rails and bus systems are made available, absence of last-mile connectivity or unreliability of existing options combined with overprice of last-mile travel makes life difficult for citizens. TieTran Cycleloop will serve as feeder system to and fro for Public transport systems, Metro rail Stations, BRT Stations, airports, Industrial SEZs, townships, techparks & university campus mobility. TieTran’s Light infra can be erected over medians, foot paths and can be hanged for longer distances solving right of way and UG utilities problems of congested cities. Further TieTran solves low public transportation share in cities, parking problems of tech parks, waiting time for public transport etc. In summary, TieTran Cycleloop is apt designed Next Generation transport to makes our cities equitable and liveable.
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Appreciation From Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO NITI AAYOG Govt. Of India


TieTran Cycleloop has won the prestigious American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Global Innovation Contest for The Most Feasible Next Gen Transport Award 2018

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TieTran Cycleloop has also won the Elevate Karnataka, as best Innovation 2018


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Photo of Diana Avart

Hi Suresh,

This is a really interesting idea! I think a little more detail about the logistics of how it works would be helpful since, as Katie mentioned, this idea is pretty new to a lot of us. For example, are there stations that people need to get on/off at or is it more like a bike lane where you can jump in at any time? Do the people behind you also need to stop when you disembark since it is on a loop? And how big of a loop would you be able to pilot with your $100,000 request?

- Diana, Facilitator

Photo of Suresh Salla

Good Day,
Thank you for your question Ms. Diana.
Yes the Idea is Pretty new to everyone as its first of its kind. As there is no option for posting Images, let me explain to you the answer to the question as an ordinary bus driving on the road.
There will be specific bus stops for and the passenger could get down at their respective stops. When the bus stops, it takes a left and parks on the bus stopping stations or the bus bays only and the buses & other vehicles from behind keeps driving with out getting interrupted.
Similarly, in TieTran there will be safe distance between the cycles and when destination arrives the cycle take a left and drives into the parking station unloading the passenger and loads another passenger and join the main line. We use the technology, TieTran Intelligent Navigation System (TINS)

Photo of Diana Avart

The bus analogy helps a lot, thank you!

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