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petal bike registration

If a person is ridding a bike on a city street, in a bike lane or a city parks. Shouldn't they be required to register that bike?

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Being a city resident for almost 20 years, I have had to register my dog, register my car (for parking permit).  If the people ridding petal bikes on the street had to pay to register there bike, the money could be used to make more bike lanes, fix and repair current bike trails and bike lanes. 

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petal bikers

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It is hard to say, this is a way for the city to gain revenue to gain money for the general fund.


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Hi Jay,

This is a friendly reminder that you have until Wednesday, October 10th to make any edits to your submission. I would encourage you to consider Katie's comment and add more detail about how you would pilot this idea with up to $100,000 before the deadline.

- Diana, Facilitator

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Don't forget that any final edits must be made by 4pm EST! Please be sure to include a funding amount and project implementation plan in your submission.

- Diana, Facilitator

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Basically everywhere that's tried this has found it has no benefit and is generally more trouble/money than it's worth.

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Hi Craig, could you link some resources on places that have tried something like this to give us an idea of what they did and why it was unsuccessful? I personally enjoy the fact that bikes are so universally accessible - regardless of age or income anyone with a bike can ride it to get around. I also could see this as potentially being a deterrent to riding, as Annie mentioned below.
Idrees, Facilitator

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I think simple bicycle registration could be a deterrent...but, I also think it could be a good source of revenue that could used to improve bike lanes and trails. It's all in the presentation I think.

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Hi Jay - I'd like to get some conversation going here about this post - I'm sure it will get comments if I highlight it in the newsletter. To that end I'm uploading a photo to it - Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash - I hope you don't mind. Please feel free to replace with a different image if you'd like to. - Katie Facilitator

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Hi Jay - this is a very interesting idea. I need to check something so look out for a private message from me - but yes - I can totally see where you are coming from with this one. Please have a think about how this would work - register online - or at a post office? Who run this? The city - or your new company? ; - )
How much do you think? How would a passing police officer know the bike had been registered? - research - how many bikes in Pittsburgh? - would the city need to show willing by creating a great bike lane, or bike lift!, first? I'm going to tag Aly Stone  and do bounce off her or Idrees Mutahr if you want more help getting this proposal together.