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Peduto's Pothole Patrol (PPP)

Let's use existing mobile city services to proactively survey, report and repair our damaged roads!

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Tired of bobbing and weaving in your vehicle or on your bicycle to avoid crater sized potholes that seem to take forever to be repaired? Perhaps you didn't realize that Pittsburgh is dependent on it's citizens to report them to 311. As we know, many people can't / won't / don't take the time to report or even worse - the submission goes ignored time and time again. This is the solution where existing mobile city employees will proactively survey, report and (hopefully) repair our roads to make them safe again for bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers. With this intra-governmental database, city workers of all stripes can simply input the location and severity of said pothole directly to the city works department. We've already got the boots on the ground so let's go, Pittsburgh, with the Pothole Patrol! 

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Literally every Pittsburgher. Public and private. It's a 1oo% team effort.

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  • Initial Design - you are still exploring the idea and have not tested it with users

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Every existing mobile employee of the City of Pittsburgh.

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  • 501+

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  • No funding is required


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So your team is every person in Pittsburgh that is more the group you hope to have focus on it. Just pointing out a way to better your idea. Best wishes , and if you did have a team simply add them with the add teammate feature.

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