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On-Demand Paratransit. Simplified.

RoundTrip is an innovative software solution that provides affordable, on-demand, point-to-point transportation to bridge mobility gaps.

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RoundTrip is a technology-driven, operationally supported company to expand mobility gaps for ADA populations in need of right-now or scheduled rides. With our current clients, we have ADA riders ordering rides through our app, our web site (specifically built for specialized populations, including those with visual impairments), or through our call center for where and when they need to go. We would like to highlight a very similar program we’re running and celebrating with the Greater Richmond Transportation Company (GRTC), the public and paratransit provider of Central Virginia.

Simply put, RoundTrip’s mission is to simplify, modernize, and deliver world-class transportation services for those who require safe and specialized rides. We are a fully encrypted,  secure software solution that provides on-demand trip scheduling and monitoring services that increases network efficiency through empowered transportation partners such as Lyft and improves rider experience through an online trip booking portal. We are writing to express our interest in piloting our technology with local partners to provide simplified on-demand and scheduled paratransit services to address mobility gaps within the state of Pennsylvania.

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RoundTrip is the single touchpoint for transportation, allowing riders to get from point to point safely and efficiently. We do not own any vehicles or employ any drivers, instead we credential and subcontract the transportation services - including our national partnership and direct integration with Lyft - and facilitate the ordering, scheduling, and quality control of our network through our digital platform. Website:

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The initial granted funding will provide a tiered mileage-based subsidy on a per-ride basis with rider paying a fixed amount for each ride (see: Sustainability Plan: Once the pilot program has been proven to be effective during the demonstration period, the per-ride subsidy will transition to the local transportation authority in order to continue the on-demand offering. GRTC Precedent: The GRTC CARE on-demand program ( through RoundTrip began as a pilot and since its inception the overall ridership has increased by 329% (nearly 2000 members now) with an accompanied overall increase of 343% in the number of completed trips per month. The program has tripled in size and continues to grow, and this success has led to GRTC renewing RoundTrip’s contract for this program indefinitely. GRTC now covers a fixed subsidy per ride, while riders pay a tiered mileage-based cost.

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Quality Objectives 1. Establish transparency across transportation sequence and greater insight into transportation utilization 2. Streamline ordering process and expand mobility options for populations in need 3. Provide real-time insight into supply/demand of transportation 4. Comprehensive end-to-end coordination to ensure transport punctuality and minimize ride cancellations 5. Offer a satisfying end-user experience for members Key Evaluation Metrics 1. Ride Timeliness Measurement: RoundTrip reporting feature allows for real-time tracking for Lyft and wheelchair rides Goal: 95% on time performance within 15 min of designated pick up time 2. Member Feedback and Rating Measurement: RoundTrip employs an automated texting methodology that obtains quantitative and qualitative ratings from passengers upon ride completion Goal: Average of 4 star rating or above


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Does your service help anyone physically get health benefits? Or only a polished taxi service, with comfort? I have a handicap and might want a ride that helps me physically increase my well being. Can you offer any or would you collaborate with me and allow your ideas to truly flurish?

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