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Liberty Tunnel/Bridge Biking & Walking

People who live just on the other side of the Liberty Tunnel would love to bike or walk Downtown, but there are no safe ways available.

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A pedestrian and bike-friendly lane that provides a safe way to get Downtown from the south end of the Liberty Tunnel/Bridge.

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Commuters who get stuck in the horrible Liberty Tunnel bottleneck every morning and evening.


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Hi Julie,

This is a friendly reminder that you have until Wednesday, October 10th to make any edits to your submission. I would encourage you to consider Katie's comment and add more detail about how you would pilot this idea with up to $100,000 before the deadline.

- Diana, Facilitator

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Don't forget that final edits must be made by 4pm EST! Please be sure to include a funding amount, image, and project implementation plan in your submission.

- Diana, Facilitator

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