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A thank you and farewell!

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Pittsburgh Community Members,

The purpose of this post is to first thank everybody for how engaged you've all been through the Explore Phase and for all of the wonderful contributions we've seen here for the Propose Phase. It really has been inspirational to see all of the love for the city and ideas for moving it to a better future - from improving accessibility for those with disabilities, encouraging cycling and improving bike lines, and bridging gaps in transportation among the neighborhoods. 

At this point in the project, I'll actually be moving on from my role on the platform. So I'll be saying farewell to you all. However, I'd like to welcome Idrees Mutahr, an absolutely brilliant and insightful community facilitator, who some of you may have already seen responding to ideas and comments. Please welcome him and continue sharing all of your thoughts and ideas. 

Thanks again everybody. It's been an absolute pleasure!

Best regards,

Aly (Community Facilitator)


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Thank you All, for all your work and thought throught this 'Event'. I didn't get to meet you and so I wish you the best in whatever is next for you

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