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Where is Pittsburgh's Transit Hub?

BRT will not alleviate traffic in Oakland but increase stress on limited space.

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Mobility conversation needs to include how to reduce traffic. There is no "Hub" for system that riders can use to manage travel around the city. I believe that the BRT will have an unintended consequence on car traffic and parking demands in Oakland and downtown. If a line followed Fifth Av to E. Liberty garage or to Larimer, a possibility for PPP with UPMC or Google themed Line with another possible connection to the Busway. Incresed housing at Bakery Square and Larimer. At least Fifth downtown stops at Mellon Building with the T (Steel Plaza) right there. Forbes is already congested with multiple buses behind one another and riders parking on neighborhood streets to ride 61 lines. Especially with development in Hazelwood. Bates St and Hot Metal Bridge cannot handle current demand.

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Hi Andrew, welcome and thanks for posting! Can you elaborate more on your thoughts - you seem to have a few ideas here. What I'm getting is that you're worried that increasing space on Forbes for a BRT line will completely reduce space for traffic. How do you think a transit hub would alleviate this problem? And why do you think adding these specific lines/stops would be helpful (what about those areas make them good stopping points)? If you had any visuals or could draw out some of what you mean, that would help make your post memorable for easy for others to relate you.
-Aly, community facilitator