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What can we do to get cyclists out of the direct path of cars on busy roads?

Can we increase the amount of dedicated bike paths or lanes that don't interfere with car traffic?

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Did you know that there is a phone app called LaneSpotter, designed in Pittsburgh, that helps bikers find SAFE routes through the cities? Bikers don't want to ride on busy streets either - often that's the only way, and often we take long detours to avoid unsafe sections of major roads.
There are busy streets, of course, that are not fast streets. I live in Squirrel Hill and ride my bike down the middle of Forbes and Murray, which are clearly marked as shared lanes. Most of the time I'm going the same speed as traffic, but occasionally somebody feels the need to speed around me. It's unsafe and selfish, and doesn't actually get that person any farther ahead, as I usually end up right behind them at the next light.

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Start walking.

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Agree- barriers should be used to protect bicycles from cars AND pedestrians.

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The european model especilly in Germany is to make the bike lane an extension of the walkway/side walk instead of an extension of the street/road. The bikeway is usually separated from the walkway by tree plantings, lighting, kiosks and other ornamental dividers. Railing barriers are used intermittently to prevent peds and bikes from mixing. There are ped crossings where needed and are treated as if they are a street crossing.

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Thanks for posting James - great question, I imagine you'll get lots of likes for this one.