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waiting for transit should be welcoming and enjoyable

lets figure out how to empower/incentivize communities & property owners to enhance bus stop infrastructure across the city

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If we are serious about reducing congestion and preparing for growth (among other issues), we need our streets and surrounding infrastructure to prioritize transit. This doesn't always mean dedicated lanes and a large budget. At the very least, waiting for the bus needs to be more convenient and attractive. Bus stops that are fun/interesting and include seating, shelter, and real-time information can go a long way! Local leaders need to embrace this concept and figure out how to make the stops in their communities more welcoming for transit riders. A grant program that engages the community to develop locally relevant solutions while embracing public art could help build a culture where bus stops are treated as community assets.


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And then you rent a transit device and get there in comfort and promote health with a Fun car or Fun buggy. Why wait for just a bus? What do you think?

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