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Use smart parking meters to top up ConnectCards and Healthy Ride accounts

Pittsburgh's 1000+ smart parking meters could be used to make transit and bikeshare more equitable with a software update.

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Technology can make transportation faster, easier, and more environmentally friendly. Port Authority's ConnectCard has sped up boarding times across Pittsburgh. Healthy Ride's fleet of smart bikes has gotten people out of their cars for short trips. These two agencies have collaborated to create the country's first bikeshare-transit integration, allowing any transit user to unlock a bike for free just by tapping their ConnectCard. Technology can also make transportation less accessible. Advocates have urged the Port Authority to add more ConnectCard machines ( Bike share systems across the country have struggled to create a user friendly cash payment option ( The Parking Authority has more than 1000 cash payment terminals installed across the city. With a software update, users could type in their ConnectCard number or log in to their Healthy Ride account and then add cash value. Later, the Parking Authority could add RFID readers to their meters, enabling Google Pay and Apple Pay as well as adding the ability to top up a ConnectCard just by tapping it on a parking meter and inserting cash. Working together, these three agencies could make transportation in PIttsburgh more equitable and more convenient at a minimal cost.


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Hi Adams Carroll ,

It would be great to see this idea develop further into a submission or connect with one of the other submissions that would like to pilot multi-use kiosks for streamlining transit throughout the city. I love the idea of upgrading the software on the already existing kiosks to make it more feasible at the beginning as it is piloted. It also would help to encourage multi-modal transit throughout the city.

- Diana, Facilitator

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