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Turn Roberto Clemente Bridge Into A Permanent Shuttle Route

Remove cars from the bridge, add a bridge shuttle, add shuttles from nearby parking lots to the bridge, add pedestrian-friendly facilities.

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The availability of Downtown-North Shore bridges is abundant, to say the least. I'm suggesting we repurpose the one most convenient to arts/sports/entertainment/recreation (Clemente Bridge) in a way that could boost public participation in all of those cultural components and promote walking/biking, without significantly affecting car traffic in the vicinity. First, let me clarify the "shuttle": we're simply talking a bus or paratransit van running from one end of the bridge to the other, all day long (whenever there is a waiting passenger at either end.) Additional shuttles could bus people to these pickup points from the nearby (and often underused) parking lots. While the bridge is short, and therefore not a huge transit boost to shuttle anyone who'd be walking across it otherwise, there could be value in assisting pedestrians to either side if we also build some useful facilities at the ends of the bridge to give them a break and a purpose. Some thoughts: - Event sales booths, wherein one could peruse and purchase tickets for all events in the Downtown or North Shore districts from either side of the bridge, bypassing lines and door-to-door research - Dining areas, where nearby restaurants can bike-deliver food on-demand. This would free up lunch options for employees who typically only eat what's on their side of the river - Amazon lockers - Street vendors/farmer's markets - Scramble crosswalks at both ends of the bridge - I'm hitting the character limit...


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Hello Mitch, I see that you have already submitted a proposal to the challenge, but I would encourage you to submit proposals for this or any of your other ideas that may be feasible for the challenge!

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