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Traveling on the Bus from Highland Park

I can't go anywhere besides Oakland and Downtown without taking 2 buses, over 1 1/2 hrs to go to Bloomfield cant go to Lawrenceville either

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We need more bus routes into the Highland Park area to take us to various other neighborhoods such as Bloomfield Lawrenceville etc. Since the cancelling of bus routes I either take 2 to 3 buses or an uber when I could probably walk it except I am an senior citizen.


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Hi Claudia,

The 87 picks up on the corner of Negley and Stanton and goes right through Bloomfield on it's way to downtown.

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I am aware of that pickup at map and look at how far 6600 Jackson St is to Negley and Stanton walking an easy 15 blocks. Or I can wait for a 75 Ellsworth after I walked 9 blocks and hope that I can catch an 87 at Negley and not have to wait 40 minutes to transfer. Look at a map I am walking........and I am not young

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