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T expanded and eliminate bike lanes on roads.

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Need to expand T to airport, Oakland, Monroeville, etc combined with free parking. Bike lanes on roads need to be turned back into roads or an automated system like the airport conveyor belt to get from major points or parking lots to T system. Bike lanes on roads tie up traffic, most are not used and are dangerous. Cars making a right turn are in contention with bikes going straight and are in the cars blind spot. Bikers need licensed, many bikers do not follow any rules and cause accidents.


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Its ashamed that i can't ride my bike on the streets anymore?

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They shouldn't do that?

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I do not have a picture but Pittsburghers know that
- Many bike lanes end three car lengths before red light and it becomes a shared lane.
- Bikers are riding on streets that are steep and have blind turns. Cars have little time to react as they go around bends.
- We have a lot of dedicated bike / walking paths that are great. Just need way for bikers to get to them safely.
A new bike lane the Greenfield bridge is like driving on black ice when it is cold and wet. I have not experienced this but several people have warned me.

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Hi Mary - I'm one of the facilitators of this community and just wanted to say thanks for this post - it's really a strong point you've made and already attracting agreement. If you have an image of the bike lanes to add to the post that would strengthen your point and draw more attention to it as well as a visual key.

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Agreed - T and bus stops should be combined with free parking for maximum convenience and giving people back more time in their day.
Bike lanes as they currently stand are dangerous to use. It's a joke to suggest that they're a legitimate travelling lane, for the reasons stated. They should be protected behind barriers like in NYC so that cars cannot drive or park in them, or turn from them.