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Train Station Queues

Add line queues to make loading and getting off the train much faster and efficient.

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To get on and off any train during high traffic periods can be quite inefficient and frustrating. Since there are no designated lines, not even markers, getting on and off the train can make traffic even worse and cause frustration between riders. We don't necessarily need signage - even markers, queue lines and lighting (similar to Japanese train systems) would make loading and leaving the train a breeze. Ideally these changes and adjustments would make riders much happier.

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Hi Louis, welcome and thanks for the post! As we are currently in the "explore phase", I'd like to get more information about your experience with the train. Do you take it very often and typically feel a lot of congestion trying to get on and off? Do you think the space for lines exists? Also, if you have any pictures of this situation or the train, please include it in your post - it makes a difference!
-Aly, community facilitator