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Too many sidewalk closures downtown

Lots of construction without a pedestrian space maintained makes walking difficult

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Today I walked down Forbes from Grant to Market Square. With 3 large sidewalk closures, I had to switch sides of the street, and walk in the travel lane, a number of times. Sidewalks are closed in front of Kaufmanns', for the new Point Park Playhouse, and at the South corner at Market Sq (Moe's). I think Forbes should be make 1-way to accommodate a pedestrian pathway in the street where the sidewalk is closed, especially since there are so many closures on Forbes at the moment and the sidewalks are pretty crowded as it is. Making it 1-way would also discourage drivers from going into Market Square; there's too much through traffic for a busy pedestrian area, and a number of alternative routes.


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Craig Toocheck  - interesting idea! Are you going to submit a proposal to try and pilot it?

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